Hi, I'm Alex. I work as a planner at Founded, San Francisco, doing B2B strategy for FinTech firms.

Previously, I have worked as a copywriter writing lines for movie posters, a film executive for The Weinstein Company, a writers’ assistant on The Walking Dead, a bike messenger, and a mailroom employee at a Beverly Hills based talent agency. I worked on the films Grindhouse, 1408, and Rob Zombie’s Halloween, and have written taglines for posters from Fox, Sony, HBO, Netflix, Hulu and others. 

I had intended to write a few sentence about my interests, but what are interests, anyway? For the purposes of this site I'm going to define my interests as the activities  I choose to do each day, or most days. Everyday I read, typically I have two books going, one non-fiction book and one novel. I lift weights and do cardiovascular exercise, I find that often the gym is where I get my best ideas. I meditate each morning, which is beneficial in many ways, clarity of thought being just one. Finally, I work on my own creative writing. Currently I'm writing a screenplay. 

I'm usually living in California or New York, and always with my redheaded wife and  blond sons.