Hi, I'm Alex. I’m a graduate of Miami Ad School Planning Bootcamp and have done the strategy deed at various companies, including working on Brand U.S.A. at Dirt Worldwide, on B2B FinTech marketing at Founded, and on the launch of an internal incubator at the aerospace giant Northrop Grumman.

Previously, I was a copywriter writing lines for movie posters, a film executive for The Weinstein Company, a writers’ assistant on The Walking Dead, a bike messenger, and a mailroom employee at a Hollywood talent agency. I worked on the films Grindhouse, 1408, and Rob Zombie’s Halloween, and have written taglines for posters from Fox, Sony, HBO, Netflix, Hulu and others. 

I had intended to write a few sentence about my interests, but what are interests, anyway? For the purposes of this site I'm going to define my interests as the activities  I choose to do each day, or most days. Everyday I read, typically I have two books going, one non-fiction book and one novel. I lift weights and do cardiovascular exercise, I find that often the gym is where I get my best ideas. I meditate each morning, which is beneficial in many ways, clarity of thought being just one. Last but never least, I work on my own creative writing. Currently I'm writing a pilot about the ice trade in New York at the turn of the 20th century. 

I live in Los Angeles with my redheaded wife and  blond sons.