1/ Background: This is a campaign I worked on independently with friends in LA to answer the 2018 One Show "Young Ones" brief. I contributed both as a strategist and as a copywriter.

2/ Client: Sonnet is a Canadian insurance company geared towards millennials. It’s fully online and makes it easy to buy home and auto insurance.

3/ Brief: No one loves buying insurance. The process is confusing and tedious. 70% of people keep their current insurance simply to avoid going through the process again.

Furthermore, a lot of messaging around insurance is implicitly negative and fear-based.

Sonnet wanted to move away from that negativity and focus instead on the optimism around “big life moments,” such as getting married or buying a first home.

4/ Opportunity: I looked at research on how people tend to construct the stories of their lives, and learned that life stories usually aren't strings of major milestones, but rather smaller events imbued with personal meaning. For instance, your wedding day may actually be less vividly memorable than the moment you met the man who would become your husband in some random, everyday situation.

This insight led us to push back on the brief a bit, and opened up some fresh territory--there’s no shortage of advertising that connects products like insurance or banking with clichéd "uplifting" life changes. It also gave us room to use humor in our campaign, which tonally worked with optimism and was appropriate for our target of urban millennials.   

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